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When it comes to ground coffee, size matters. Different brewing methods require different size coffee particles to get the best flavour.

We always recommend buying whole beans but appreciate that doesn't suit everyone.

We've chosen the most popular brewing methods as a starting point. Just select the equipment that best relates to your setup. We suggest:

Whole bean

For those with a dedicated grinder, bean to cup machines, espresso machines with built in grinder.

Espresso (fine ground)

For manual espresso machines that do not have a built-in grinder, moka pots, stove tops.

Filter (medium ground)

Any paper filter-oriented equipment such as v60/chemex/kalita wave/aeropress.

Press (coarse ground)

For French press/cafetière, cold brewing.

Yes we do. All of our coffees come as either whole beans or ground specifically for you. On each product you can select how big a bag you would like, then choose how you need it prepared. We only provide ground coffee in 250g bags to ensure it stays fresh.

Blends are a combination of different bean types. At Altitude we expertly craft our own blends to create coffees that are unique to us.

Single origin coffees are beans of one specific variety. Often the beans will come from a specific farm with limited availability. This makes them particularly special and all of them have their own unique flavours and aromas.

Specialty coffee is the finest grade coffee on the market. It accounts for less than 5% of the entire coffee market. Coffees must pass strict quality controls to be considered specialty grade. 

 By buying specialty grade you receive the best coffee, and you contribute to improving the livelihoods of the producers. This is because the specialty coffee industry generally pays a lot more for the beans.

We often have coffees available that are certified organic. Even those that are not certified are all specialty grade.

This means that they have passed strict quality controls. Often producers use organic processes but are not certified as this can be expensive to obtain.

Either way all our coffee is of the highest quality and ethical standards.

The two main methods of coffee bean production are called "natural" and "washed". Essentially the method used dictates the overall flavour of the coffee. Neither is worse or better but they both have interesting characteristics.

Natural coffee beans are processed with the beans encased in the cherry that they are grow in. The cherries are left out to dry "naturally" which transfers the fruity fermented sugars into the coffee beans whilst they dry out. Natural coffees tend to have more body and accentuated fruity notes as a result.

Washed coffees are exactly what you'd expect, washed! The outer cherry is removed from the beans using a mechanical water process. Once removed the coffee beans are left out to dry on their own. Washed coffees tend to have more enhanced "coffee" flavours and generally higher juicy acidity.

We offer a fantastic range of both processes in store. See which one you prefer!

Yes. Coffee is dispatched via Royal Mail 24 completely free of charge. Equipment items are dispatched for free via Parcelforce, Royal Mail or DPD depending on size.

Equipment below £50 has a postage fee of £2.95

We try our best to dispatch orders the same day if they are placed before 12pm. Standard dispatch is next working day. Often your coffee will arrive the following day after dispatch if an order is placed Monday to Friday. Royal Mail does not guarantee this, and orders may take up to 3 working days.

Our subscription service is a fantastic way to keep your cupboard stocked with fresh coffee. Never run out of the good stuff!

We currently offer 3 subscriptions. Simply find the one that suits, select a grind type and delivery frequency, then add to your basket. Once your order is placed, we'll begin preparing your coffee! Your freshly roasted bag will arrive directly through your letterbox the next working day.

On the next scheduled delivery date, we'll automatically charge your saved payment method and dispatch a fresh bag of coffee. We vary the coffee in each subscription every week, so you'll always get a nice variety.

You'll have access to your own account area where you can amend delivery dates/pause orders any time you wish.

Need to cancel? Not a problem, there's no contract involved. Get in touch with us and we'll end your subscription, no quibbles.

If you have any queries, we are just an email or phone call away to help